School Policies

School T-shirts

Monday-Uniform T-shirt/Free Dress

Tuesday-Uniform T-shirt/Free Dress

Wednesday-Uniform T-shirt/Free Dress

Thursday- Blue Stomp Out Bullying Tshirt

Friday- Red Montebello Gardens T-shirt

Uniform Policy 2014-2015

 District-wide Standardized Dress Program

To create students solidarity and school spirit MGE students it is recommended that students wear school uniforms on a daily basis. The school uniform colors are white, navy blue and red.

Boy Uniforms

  • White Shirt
  • Navy blue pants/shorts
  • Red or Navy Sweater
  • Windbreaker or Jacket
  • Closed dark shoes

Girl Uniform

  • White blouse
  • Navy blue pants/shorts
  • Red or Navy Sweater
  • Windbreaker or Jacket
  • Closed dark shoes
  • Plaid jumper of red, blue and white





Discipline Plan

Montebello Gardens Elementary School staff will work together to provide a safe place for students to learn and play. We will help students become respectful and responsible citizens.

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Homework is a component to a student's success in school. MGE strongly believes in the importance of work beyond the regular school day and encourages parents to take an active role with their child. Homework meets a variety of objectives.

MGE's homework belief, developed by the entire school staff, is as follows:

  1. Homework fosters responsibility in all students
  2. Homework is an extension of the classroom program
  3. Homework assigned at teacher's discretion
  4. Homework set guidelines that reinforce the student's daily program

Homework is monitored on a regular basis. Each teacher makes their students aware of the rewards and consequences of completing or not completing homework assignments. If you have any questions regarding homework please direct your questions to your child's teacher.